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Our company established in 1994, offers project design, urban planning, topography, GIS and cadastral consulting services.
Over the years, the business expanded to cover a large array of services in the field of geodesy. Since 2006, Topoexim has been an authorized TOPCON dealer.

Our current position in the market is due to the quality of the services we offer and is reinforced by Topoexim's status as a founding member of the Association of Geodesy Companies in Romania. Our employees are members of the Land Surveyors Union of Romania.

With a highly  qualified personnel, offering specialized services at the SR EN ISO 9001, SR EN ISO 140001, SR EN ISO 18001, SR EN ISO/CEI 27001 standards, Topoexim has succeeded in attracting clients in both the public and private sectors from the internal and external market alike. Our portfolio includes contracts with institutions such as: OMV Petrom SA, The Agricultural Agency for Payment and Intervention, The National Administration of Romanian Waters (Olt, Somes), CNCF CFR SA, National Housing Agency, National Company of Bucharest Airports, Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration (ROMATSA RA), City Halls and Councils of: Bucharest, PH, GJ, HD, MM; CH2MHILL Ltd, Estereofoto Geoengenharia SA etc.


obiect de activitate
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Cornel & Cornel Topoexim L.L.C. is authorized by the A.N.C.P.I. for projects in the fields of geodesy, topography, cadastre and surveying services for airport infrastructure and air traffic operators (A.A.C.R. - Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority) and for railway operators (A.F.E.R. - Romanian Railway Authority).

Due to the certifications mentioned above, we are authorized to:
- design and execute of projects in the fields of geodesy, topography, cadastre, cartography and photogrammetry;
- provide consulting and technical assistance, professional software for geodesy, topography, cadastre, cartography and photogrammetry;
- sell and distribute Topcon geodetic equipment;

The main objective of our company is building strong relationships with our clients through customized projects completed by the established deadlines, and by respecting the legal regulations and standards

- Continuous improvement of our products and services to reinforce our brand image;
- Compliance with contractual terms;
- Adapting our services to the needs of our clients through customized products;
- Employee motivation;
- Compliance with the standards and technical requirements of the current legislation;
- Profit through Quality;