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Project name
Geodetic Networks

- Lignite Company of Targu. Jiu – Valcea, Gorj, Mehedinti counties
- Townships of Vanju Mare and Rogova for OJCGC Mehedinti
- Town of Seini for OJCGC Maramures
- Town of Targu Carbunesti, OJCGC Gorj
- Romanian Waters National Administration – DA Banat

- Romanian Waters National Administration – DA Somes Tisa 
Determination of coordinates in WGS’84 for aeronautic points of interest

- All 17 airports in Romania
- ROMATSA Bucharest
- Romanian Air Club

- Utility Aviation
Urban real estate cadaster

- Municipality of Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures County
- Municipality of Petrosani, Hunedoara County
- Municipality of Targu Carbunesti, Gorj County
- City of Turceni, Gorj County
- City of Ticleni, Gorj County

- Commune of Bustuchin, Gorj County
Land determination for administrative limits
- Maramures County, Gorj County
- Mehedinti County, Prahova County
- Baia Mare City Council, Maramures County
Documentation for emergency rescue and evacuation

- Arad International Airport

- Timisoara “Traian Vuia” International Airport
Surveying and levelling works for airport runways

- Bucharest Baneasa “Aurel Vlaicu” International Airport
- Arad International Airport

- Timisoara “Traian Vuia” International Airport
- Iasi International Airport
- Oradea International Airport
Determination of the magnetic declination in the perimeters of all airports in Romania
- R. A. Airports from Romania and ROMATSA Bucharest
Documentation for Obstacle Free Zone (OFZ) determination
- All civil airports in Romania
Topographical documentation in compliance with HG 834/1991. Ownership subscriptions in the Land Registry of Romania. .

- Grivita Brewery
- BRD Groupe Société Générale
- OMV Petrom S.A., Craiova branch
- S.A.A.F. SA (Giurgiu, Bucur Obor, Campina, Targoviste)
- SN CFR CALATORI SA, Grivita, Mangalia, Arad
- SNLO Targu Jiu
- Turceni Thermal Power Plant
- Iron Gate II Hydroelectric Power Station
- C.E.T. Brazi
- F.E. Isalnita
- R.A. Bucharest Baneasa International Airport

- S.C. ROBUR Targu Jiu
- RENEL FDE Resita
- RENEL FDE Mehedinti
- Timisoara “Traian Vuia” International Airport
- Arad International Airport
- Satu Mare International Airport
- Cluj “Avram Iancu” International Airport

- PETROM SA – Member of the OMV Group
Technical and economic studies (pre-feasibility and feasibility) for connection to the natural gas distribution network

- Ciorogarla City Council – Agricultural Sector of Ilfov County
- Bolintin Deal City Council – Giurgiu County
- Bucsani City Council – Giurgiu County
- Afumati City Council – Ilfov County

- Vidra City Council – Ilfov County
Conversion of site plans and delimitation from analog to digital format; creation of a digital archive and a database in the following counties: CT, IL and TL
- National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration

Preparation of operation manuals for oil pipelines, overhead and underground – AO Targu Jiu;

GIS database implementation
- OMV Petrom SA
Developing urban real estate information systems and establishing a municipal database
- The City Hall of Rovinari, Gorj County
Topographic documentation necessary  for cadastral map entries
- Salaj Mine Exploitation
Topographic documentation required for entries in the Land Registry

- Bucharest Otopeni “Henri Coanda” International Airport
- Bucharest Power Plants S.A.
- C.N.C.F. « CFR MARFA » S.A. – Bucharest branch
- C.N.C.F "C.F.R." S.A. Bucharest Region
- C.N.C.F "C.F.R." S.A. Constanta Region
- C.N.C.F "C.F.R." S.A. Iasi Region
- C.N.C.F "C.F.R." S.A. Galati Region
- C.N.C.F "C.F.R." S.A. Craiova

- Fagaras Natural Gas Distribution Company
- Galati Natural Gas Distribution Company
- Gorj Natural Gas Distribution Company
- Rovinari Power Station
- Bucharest Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges (D.R.D.P.)
- Targu Jiu Hydro Power Stations
- Electrica Targu Jiu
- CFR Bucharest North Railway Station
- National Company of Lignite Oltenia
Topographic documentation for the establishment of reserves
Topographic projects in compliance with Law 18/1991

- Cadastre and Land Organization Office of Vrancea (O.C.O.T.)
- Forests of Rastolita commune, Mures County and Lunca Bradului commune, Mures County

- Bustuchin commune, Gorj County
Topographic projects for modernization
- Cluj “Avram Iancu” International Airport
Plans for the prevention and mitigation of the effects of floods in the Somes Tisa and Banat river basins
- Romanian Waters National Administration: Somes Tisa and Banat River Basin Administration branches
Systematic identification of real estate (general cadastre)

- National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration

- Municipality of Arad

- Communes/TownsSaschiz, Moara, Vintu de Jos, Matca, Horea
Gradient PDA calculation. Topographic projects for modernization and expansion

- Bucharest Baneasa “Aurel Vlaicu” International Airport

- Arad International Airport
Topographic development for the organization of the D.N. 7 Bucharest-Pitesti modernization project - S.C. VIA PROJECT Bucharest
Topographic documentation for the rehabilitation of the Fundulea-Fetesti corridor - ISPA – DE Consulting
Topographic documentation for the rehabilitation of streets in Bucharest Package 3 - S.C. HANGROUP S.A.

Update of the General Urban Plan

(Plan Urbanistic General - P.U.G.)
- Bran – BV County
Fulfillment of the General Urban Plan (Plan Urbanistic General-PUG) - Baia Mare – MM County
Fulfillment of the General Urban Plan (Plan Urbanistic General-PUG)

- Seven localities in Calarasi County

- Baia Mare – MM County

Documentation needed to obtain field access, notification, agreements and authorization required for the establishment of new oil targets:

  • - Preparation of report-type documents to  identify the owners/holders, property deeds, access roads, drilling exploration rights, utility pipelines and electrical lines
  • - Structuring due diligence and notarial acts to standardize property for finalizing contracts (declarations, litigation, inheritance, succession, notarized agreements with neighbours) and legalizing documents
  • - Drafting expert assessments of buildings and real estate
  • Removal of land from agricultural or forestry use
  • - Performing due diligence for the closing of lease, sale or property rights contracts
  • - Completing topographic measurements and developing site plans
  • - Preparing the cadastral documentation
  • - Preparing documentation and due diligence to obtain the Certificate of Urbanism
  • - Preparing documentation and due diligence to obtain building/demolition permits
  • - Preparing documentation and due diligence to obtain permits prescribed by the Certificate of Urbanism (environmental protection agreement, water management notice, local approval and county approval) 
- Converting and introducing technical and organizational information in the GIS OMV Petrom database


Oil targets for which our company has gained field access, urbanism certificate, approvals required by the urbanism certificate (including the environmental protection agreement and water management notice), building permit:

  •    - Fix Derricks 2014 ASSET III Program through which 169 drilling operations will be modernized (modernization of the pipe material platform, derrick cellar, well platform intervention facility, access route maintenance)
  •    - In compliance with the  2014-2017 Program through which the Environment Agency commissioned the completion of greening projects for a total of 460 oil targets
  •    - Layout  of new objectives for approximately 200 oil/gas drilling operations, including:
  • 23 Valeni –Valcea
  • 4560 Tutana –Arges
  • 1150 Otesti – Olt
  • 2538 Merisani – Arges
  • 3568 Merisani – Arges
  • 3616 Valcele – Arges
  • 40 Colibasi – Arges
  • 4200 Prundeni–Valcea
  • 1125 Spineni – Olt
  •    - Establishment of mixing conduit pipelines:

    approximately 800km

  •    - Electrical power lines:
       approximately 500km