Digital topographical plans


Topographical documentation which includes:
- technical memo;
- an inventory of coordinates for the points of support - both old and new;
- measurement and compensation of a list of coordinates;
- an inventory of coordinates for contour points and the real surface that resulted;
- a table of areas inside the place;
- a table containing inside construction  areas prepared only for constructions above ground and underground with stable character (without the annexes);
- sketch for the support network of points used in surveying;
- a sketch neighborhood precincts;
- a framing plan at scale 1:10.000 in the area;
- a topographic plan of the premises at 1:500 / 1:1000 / 1:2000 - prepared in accordance with the "Atlas of conventional signs, issued by the Department
of Cadastre and Land Fund of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1978;
- a topographical descriptions of the support points.